Through this program the Alabama Forestry Commission continues to monitor the federal register and address the impacts of increased numbers of species being protected under the Endangered Species Act. This program was created to educate citizens, AFC staff and those involved in Alabama’s forest industry about threatened and endangered species and the Endangered Species Act. The following is a listing of routine activities that this program undertakes every year:

  • Review the federal register and provide comments to the Department of Interior as needed regarding the listing of threatened and endangered species.
  • Meet with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel and other conservation agencies/organizations to gather Strategic Habitat Unit (SHU) information. Information gathered is used to create and/or update guidelines for incorporating SHU information into AFC stand management recommendations provided to the public.
  • Review and revised management information sheets on the agency website for use by agency employees and citizens as time allows.
  • Write articles relating to threatened and endangered species or current wildlife issues for the AFC’s Treasured Forests magazine.
  • Continually update an excel spreadsheet listing each threatened and endangered species in Alabama by county.
  • Seek extramural funding to support the program generally and threatened and endangered species activities.
  • Meet with AFC personnel as needed to discuss threatened and endangered species issues that may occur on AFC lands.
  • Implement survey work on AFC lands and document relevant information and store it on AFC servers.
  • Present information regarding the Endangered Species Act at education-based workshops and PLM courses for various members of the public including timber company employees, landowners and loggers.
  • Review documents and participate in meetings, workshops, seminars and other functions with governmental and NGO partners as needed to ensure forestry perspectives are included in processes related to providing protection to species under the Endangered Species Act of 1973.
  • Assist county forestry planning committees with landowner engagement events related to priority forestry and conservation topics.

Threatened and Endangered Species publications can be found under the Endangered Species tab.